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Although most people are very familiar with BOTOX® Cosmetic, clients are often surprised to learn that there are other neurotoxin wrinkle treatments available. Dysport® and XEOMIN® are very closely related to BOTOX®, and generally, they treat the same conditions. We have extensive experience with all three products and can guide you in choosing the best treatment for your needs. The best Dysport® in Las Vegas is with Thomas Pulice, PA-C as he is one of the most experienced Dysport® injectors in the Las Vegas area.


For years, my patients have asked; Botox® vs Dysport®, Dysport® vs Botox®. My personal alternative to Botox® is Dysport®! While BOTOX® has been FDA approved for cosmetic use since 2002, Dysport® was approved in 2009 but has been in wide use in Europe for many years prior to 2009. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, millions of non-surgical aesthetics & cosmetic procedures take place in the U.S. Since 2008, over 80% of these represented procedures use products like Dysport®. Competition in this “in-demand” area has been driving the interest in products like Dysport®.

Similarities and Differences

The most notable difference between Dysport® and BOTOX is that Dysport® seems to diffuse a bit more. For this reason, injectors must be highly trained when injecting areas such as the brow, as the effects of the product may spread. This quality makes Dysport® an excellent option for broader areas of wrinkling such as forehead furrows. Also a great choice for hands, feet & armpit areas to control excessive sweating.

Dysport® Dosage

Dosage is also different from BOTOX®, and for some individuals, the results emerge more quickly and last longer. Thomas uses the highest concentration available to ensure greatest efficacy and pin point accuracy.


As in the picture below… A Typical Treatment covers 3 Areas; Frown lines, Crows Feet, Forehead lines, but it is also excellent for Vertical Lip Lines or “Smoker’s Lines”, for Migraine treatment, TMJ (Clenching or grinding of jaw & teeth) and Hyperhydrosis (Excessive sweating at armpit, hands & feet). Neck Bands, downward smile, dimpled chin and more.

Woman's face with text identifying where Dysport can be used