What is a Vampire FaceLift treatment anyway?

The vampire treatments have been catching fire for the past several years and rightly so. It has taken off because it is basically almost 100% organic in nature. Instead of using chemical ingredients or additives or lasers or synthetics, we are using their own our own bodies natural ability to heal itself and rejuvenate itself.

The Vampire Facelift ®, Vampire Facial ®, Vampire BreastLift ®, the O-Shot ® and the Priapus Shot ®, a.k.a., “P-shot” ® are the 5 main treatments in this quiver. What makes this the go-to treatment for the “all-natural, organic” crowd is the Vampire treatments all utilize the patients platelets and growth factors found within the patients own blood to facilitate and accelerate stem cell migration once injected inside the tissue and this is where the healing and regenerative benefits take over. We call this “PRP” or Platelet Rich Plasma. The plasma is what is injected.


Picture when you’re a young kid you scrape your knee falling off your bicycle. Whether mom comes by and puts a Band-Aid on it or not, it will stop bleeding on its own. Unless you ripped your entire knee cap off then you have to go to the hospital but otherwise platelets come to the rescue and start the healing cascade which step one is to stop the bleeding. Step 2; Platelets then release, depending on the data anywhere between 7 to 32 different types of growth factors all taking on differing roles to do what they do best; heal, repair and rejuvenate.


PRP is NOT all the same!

Lets say you’re having a party. 6 people come. 3 are in the kitchen, 3 in the living room. You push the 3 people from the kitchen into the Living room. You’ve now doubled the concentration of people in the living room… correct? Unfortunately, this is not a party – It’s a get-together! Stem cells don’t come to get-togethers.

Now, let’s say 90 people come filing 6 rooms in your house. You now take all 6 rooms and cram them all into the living room. This is 6 TIMES concentration… correct?

THIS is a party! Stem cells will come to this. Stem cells will ONLY migrate when 4-6X concentration of PRP is reached. The most comprehensive data shows this as fact. And while growth factors and stem cells are localized to an area, they will help fix what ever needs to be fixed while in that area e.g. skin, stretch marks, hair, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness etc… . This is generally how PRP works. Now, keep reading… it gets better!

In many facilities, the provider will draw 10cc’s of blood to get the plasma. This is a typical cholesterol test size tube of blood. After spinning in the centrifuge, it comes out looking like oil & vinegar in the tube. Unfortunately, almost half that tube will be red blood cells, which we don’t want, so it get’s thrown away. This leaves about 5 cc’s of plasma remaining. So when you push platelets from one side of the tube into the other, you basically double the concentration of platelets in the plasma side of the tube… correct? This is 2 times concentration (a get-together).

At Las Vegas Aesthetics, when we draw blood for our Vampire treatments we draw 60 cc’s of blood. 6X more than most facilities. 6X more blood, 6X more platelets, 6X more growth factors. 6X concentration. The main purpose of Platelet “RICH” Plasma is to be rich in platelets so you have enough to induce stem cell migration to the area you want to fix. Why doesn’t everyne do this? We’re not sure, but WE do!! Congrats…. you now know more about how PRP works than most people in the USA!

How long does the Vampire Treatment last?

The most popular question is how long does the Priapus Shot last, or the O-Shot, or the Vampire FaceLift treatments last?

Many factors are involved in this answer. Firstly, which treatment are you getting? I have Priapus Shot ® patients that are on their 5th treatment in less than 2 years. NOT because it did not work, but because it does work, and they just want more positive results. Lifestyle, age, severity of condition, habits, smoker vs non, medications, concomitant illnesses all play a role.

An easier way to look at how long the treatment works is to go back to the scraped knee example.. After a few days, the knee forms a scab and that scab eventually turns into brand new skin, correct? Well how long does the skin last on your knee once it heals? It’s basically there forever and typically regenerates newer and fresher skin than the surrounding area of skin.

So when we do the Vampire FaceLift ® or Vampire Facial ® on the face, or the hands or neck, or for stretch marks, or for your hair, or the O-Shot ® for your Urinary Incontinence, Libido &/or Dysparunia (painful intercourse) or the P-Shot ® for erectile dysfunction &/or male enhancement, whatever area the PRP is introduced, you will soon have a stimulation of newer tissue, newer vasculature, follicular stimulation, younger, healthier looking skin, hair, belly, breasts, face, vagina or penis for anywhere between several months to years depending on the treatment given, maintenance and many other factors personal to each patient.

Let time do it’s thing!

Be patient! It generally takes 2-3 weeks for PRP to really kick in and start the rejuvenation process but that process when done correctly can be simply amazing! At our facility for example, we encourage the Vampire Facial for example to be done once per month for 3 months in a row; e.g. January 1st, February 1st & March 1st.

This should greatly improve tone, texture, clarity, radiance, a noticeable reduction in pore size, improvement in persistent acne scarring, improved remodeling of the extracellular matrix, a process that requires activation of dermal fibroblasts, which is essential for rejuvenation of aged skin. All this collectively leads to the development of fresher, younger looking skin.

Doing PRP in this rapid fire fashion will continue to improve skin quality for 18 months or longer. I hear from many patients they’ve cut way back on make-up because they’re skin looks so good, they simply want to show it off. And friends will often ask, “What the heck are you doing to your skin? Why does it look so great? So feel free to tell them; “I got the Vampire Facelift at Las Vegas Aesthetics.”

Even though many patients will get the triple treatment, they simply wont wait another 18 months to reschedule they’re next Vampire Facial because they love the results of the treatments so much, they want more, faster. With some med-spa or dermatologist type treatments, more is NOT necessarily better. But with PRP, there are no harmful side-effects from doing PRP as much as you like. Only upside. We have protocols for all the Vampire – PRP treatments as to the best time to add the next treatment to maximize benefit.

So wherever you put Platelet Rich Plasma, it works. So all and all it is one of the best, most powerful treatments we offer at my practice and all the goodness as we say comes from within.

Hope you learned a lot. Look forward to seeing you soon.


Thomas S. Pulice, PA-C