Ever wonder why your favorite Skin Care products seem to dissapear so fast?

There’s a reason why most skin care companies will never teach their customers the most cost effective ways to apply their products. Maybe it’s because if they did you would need to purchase a whole lot less than you currently are. It’s kind of like restaraunt’s teaching their patrons how to eat a whole lot less food!

When I teach patients how to apply skin care, I’ll let them grab hold of the bottle or jar or tube and then I watch. It is about 100% that they’ll do it wrong. First, they will look at the label. Why? I don’t know, they just do! Then apply to their hands, rub their hands together to get maximum coverage on their face, then apply to the face. Can you see where the problem is?

Well, unless you want super smooth hands, this is the wrong way to apply face products. 😉

Why? Because 50% of the product that’s meant for the face is now soaked into your hands. While it’s nice to have soft hands, the hand lotion that I recommend costs about 9 bucks. And it’s awesome! And it’s a heck of a lot less expensive than facial products… So don’t use face products on your hands!

Here’s a link to that Hand Lotion… with “preferred pricing.” More on that later…

Use the one finger technique shown in the quick video below to maximize covereage and save you the most product. If you like to swish product around your hands fisst, this is perfectly acceptable to the skin care companies because they want you to keep buying more & more of their products.

So in this How To Apply Skin Care Products, I’ll show you one of my all-time favorite serum’s Celltrex Ultra and how to apply it in the best way to save you time and money and stretch your dollar the farthest.

Just a word of caution here as well. As a patient of Las Vegas Aesthetics, ANY links I send out, you will automatically receive “PREFERRED PRICING.” Approximately 25-30% BELOW retail.

Also, NEVER order these products through Amazon or Ebay. There is 0 quality control. The product bought through non-Nuskin websites can be sitting in a hot closet in Thailand literally for yeaars. Or the tube can used, then refilled with $1.00/gallon Jergens and you’d never know the difference. NuSkin will NOT honor any warranties, no returns, no replacements your essentially 100% on your own.

Enjoy the reduced prcing here, order freely, 100% safe, direct from the parent company.

Best wishes,

Thomas S. Pulice, PA-C